The Economics of Crowdfunding Current Research Issues

Dziuba Dariusz Tadeusz

The Economics of Crowdfunding Current Research Issues


One of the first books on the European market to
comprehensively identify and address issues surrounding
crowdfunding. Extensive empirical evidence, knowledge,
and research ensures its accessibility to a broad spectrum
of readers. For those interested in practicalities, this book
shows how best to use information technology and resources
available to micro-entities, whereas academics will benefit
from methodologies, as well as ideas and directions for
further research into new forms of economic activity
in an environment of globalisation and modern IT.

This book is, therefore, of great benefit for economics
students, tutors and lecturers, as well as postgraduate
students of economics, management, and particularly
MBA students in finance and computer science for
economics. Also of interest for managers of institutions,
businesses and foundations reliant on public funding
(charitable, cultural, educational) for whom crowdfunding is,
or may become, an important form of fundraising.
Professor Dziuba’s book should be mandatory for
e-commerce and crowdfunding IT platform system designers
and administrators.

From the review by prof. dr. hab. Józef Oleński

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