Alternative Return to Earth

Filip Ambria

Alternative Return to Earth

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It is definitely a book for people who are aware of their being and meaning. We really hope, that most of the readers will be young people, up to 30 years of age. People who fit into that demographic tend to be interested in the truth and are not afraid of walking along completly new paths, being aware of their existence and the biological life that is attached to it. It is a book for people who are not afraid of the unknown. Because only people lite those are not afraid of thinking. Those who only believe in one rule, that applies to us, people, that every problam has sa many solutions as there are people working on it, of course talking on a global scale. Every problem is one of its kind al.\nd deserves a completly new approach.
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ISBN: 978-83-942-5665-4

Liczba stron: 172

Format: 140x200mm

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