ZX Spectrum Demoscene

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This monograph was written from the perspective of the demoscene, i.e. users and creators whose interests are focused on the capabilities of the British 8-bit computer ZX Spectrum. The book does not include the official history of the computer, but the local narrative. The authors examine the processes of “taking over” the western platform, e.g. mass cloning of the hardware. They investigate creative artifacts specific to the ZX Spectrum scene and discuss the computer’s capabilities for creating graphics, music, demos and games, applying the ethnographic method as well as platform studies and media archeology. The ZX Spectrum Demoscene is an initiative of fundamental importance for the study of the history of digital culture in Central Europe. The authors offer insight into the environment, aesthetics and histories of the platform’s assimilation in varying social and historical conditions. Dr hab. Anna Nacher, professor of the Jagiellonian University Piotr Marecki, writer, publisher, translator, digital culture scholar. Associate professor in the Institute of Culture at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, also the head of a creative computing lab. In 2013–14 he did a postdoc at Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the Trope Tank lab. Yerzmyey, lo-fi artist: demoscener, musician, graphic artist, photographer, writer, creator of the Hooy-Program. Author and co-author of numerous demos, intros, graphics, chiptune songs, interactive fiction, games, collection of photos. He works mostly with ZX Spectrum, but also with Atari and Amiga computers, Commodore 264 series, the Raspberry Pi and many others. Co-author of a creative computing lab at the Jagiellonian University. Robert “Hellboy” Straka, z80 & x86 programmer, mathematician, AGH UST lecturer. Author and coauthor of several demos, intros and games on the ZX Spectrum. His academic career is linked to advanced numerical methods in science and engineering with emphasis on GPU computations and Lattice Boltzmann Method.

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