Team Tools. Leading high-performance teams with tools of different types of intelligence

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Team Tools. Leading high-performance teams with tools of different types of intelligence

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The book consists of an introduction, nine chapters and conclusion. The first part presents the base of the methodology adopted in this issue, the purpose of the research questions and hypotheses. Later, in the genesis of the work, there was presented an interesting comparison between the role of a manager and a leader; with the necessary definitions and analysis of the leadership and management. This introduces the reader to presentation of current results of the research that focuses on analyzing the knowledge of leadership among individuals of the highest management position. The presented case of the studies is a¬ valuable source of knowledge about the characteristics of the leadership and their perceptions by respondents. This allowed the author, in the following part, to present leadership styles and relate the issue to other factors that are more and more driven nowadays in the meaning of gender, age, personality types and intelligence in building the multicultural team. Particularly noteworthy; the chapter devoted to conflicts occurring in teams and conflict resolution is essential for this academic book. Such activities are crucial for the proper management of teams and thus presented the development by reference to a wider range of instruments that can be useful not only for the students involved in managing teams. This can be helpful for practitioners on a daily basis in the subject of team-building inside different industries (Dr. inż. Grzegorz Zielinski, Engineering Department of Operational Management Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk University of Technology).
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