Internationalization of  Firms

Internationalization of Firms

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The monograph (…) concerns an extremely important aspect, which is the problem of international expansion of businesses. Atlough many titles can be found in the literature concerning the infernationalization of firms, this problem is not often discussed in the context of international entrepreneurship. This is the element that distinguishes the reviewed book on the publishing market.It is about its originality, timeliness, as well as applicability considerations. The book can be extremely useful both for university students of economics and business studies, researchers exploring the discussed issues, as well as managers and their businesses functioning on foreign markets and those that are just about to start opeations of this type.

Prof. Małgorzata Bartosik-Purgat

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ISBN: 978-83-012-0193-7

Liczba stron: 240

Format: 160x230mm

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