Counselling and dialogue for sustainable human development

Guichard Jean, Drabik-Podgórna Violetta, Podgórny Marek

Counselling and dialogue for sustainable human development


This valuable monograph is the fruit of efforts by the UNESCO Chair on Lifelong Guidance and Counselling at the University of Wrocław. It responds to the needs of career counselling theoreticians and professionals and caters also to university lecturers who seek novel approaches to lifelong career counselling. (…)
The volume presents a multifaceted, theoretical and practical study of career counselling against the backdrop of civilisation transformations that generate its new paradigms, methods and intervention tools. The contributions address a wide range of issues related to how lifelong counselling can be used to promote sustainable development of people and their living environments. Importantly, sustainable development is an urgent problem today, and its pertinence increases as our reality grows ever more complicated while various social groups face ever greater disproportions in access to cultural goods, in particular to education and gratifying work that provides decent livelihoods. (…) The volume’s editors aptly observe that the global character of the rapidly multiplying problems calls for transnational integration and solidarity of governments and institutions and organisational networking across borders.
From a review by Professor Jolanta Lenart, University of Rzeszów

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