Migraciones y diasporas en la America Latina contemporanea

Derwich Karol, Sawicka Monika

Migraciones y diasporas en la America Latina contemporanea


The question of migration and diasporas has a special place in the studies of the Latín American región. Latin America remains until today both the source as well as the destination of migrants. Intrastate and interstate fluxes of migrants are also key variables shaping this región. Over the course of centuries, migratory processes influenced many spheres of Latin American Ufe and stand out even today; dynamic and multidimensional, they affect the social, racial, ethnic, economic and cultural relations. The topic of migrations and diasporas is strictly related to another fundamental issue of Latin American studies: the questions of identity. It provides possible answers to the question: who are we? The abovementioned topics are the subject of analyses presented in this publication. Its authors are experts from Latin American and European research institutions, representing different disciplines within the framework of humanities and social sciences, which allows to present the topic from a broad temporary and disciplinary perspective. This anthology analyzes, among others, the questions of Spanish migration to the New World, indigenous mobility, The Galician diaspora in Argentina and Brazil, securitization of migration policy in México or the theme of migration in Latin American literature.

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